NOVO Aero Components is a Part Sales company in the Aftermarket Aviation Industry. With a wealth of technical knowledge, we provide supply chain management Solutions for MROs, Airlines, and other Part Sales companies. We support our customers with Serviceable Piece-Parts, Line Replacement Units, Component Disassembly Services, Consignments, and endless other Technical Solutions.

We could keep talking about us but we would rather let our customers do it for us.

Nick C.
Senior strategic buyer

NOVO Aero Components was established as one of our main suppliers in 2015 and has continued to scale its support and technical expertise, maintaining its honest, competitive and attentive approach. Whether it is one of our PBH programs, AOG requirements or storage requirements, I can count on NOVO Aero Components at all times.

Albert E. Jr.
Material manager (15 years and counting)

For many years, NOVO Aero Components has been, and always will be, at the top of my list of most preferred providers. My purchasing department has thrived with NOVO's ability to respond quickly and quote competitively. I am honored to say that there are many things that I would never have had, and places I would never have visited, if it were not for the help and guidance of NOVO during these years.

Michael B.
Sales and purchases

Extremely reliable supplier and a pleasure to work with NOVO Aero Components

Austin K.
Senior Asset Manager

Mannie and his team have blown away all of my expectations throughout my years of having the pleasure of working with them. At one point, he and a colleague loaded a 747 nose landing gear steering actuator into the trunk of the car, and drove from San Diego to our facility in Arizona, just to put a face to the name. That same dedication has continued on, even down to the smallest details. Mannie and the NOVO team are, and always will be like family and my go-to source in the aircraft trading industry.